Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation

              We Need Your Help

  1. PRAYER – Everyone can breathe a prayer for the ministry that seed would be planted and God's People would be uplifted. Then pray for the items listed below.

  2. SCHOLARSHIPS – Pray about donating to our scholarship fund. 6 of the 7 students we have sponsored to Lee University, have sung in the “Voices of Lee”. Following is a list of scholarships we have funded in the past or are now funding.

    1. Lillian Little Soldier Scholarship
    2. Vernon R. Klaudt Scholarship
    3. Eva Mae LeFevre Scholarship    
    4. Rev. R.H. Klaudt Scholarship is placed at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and we have had 2 students so far to receive this scholarship, both have graduated.
    5. One Scholarship to the University of Georgia
    6. 3 Scholarships to Schools of Music
                A. Ben Speer's School of Music
                B. North Georgia's SG School of Music
                C. Texas SG Music School of Music 
                D. Charles Novell School of Music 
  3. TELEVISION MINSTRY, “JUST KEEP SINGING” is produced and hosted by Melvin Klaudt. The TV Ministry has been viewed in 169 countries around the globe. Many are viewing the message of Christ and Gospel Music for the first time. We thank God, the many singers and friends of SGM that have assisted us in this ministry.

  4. SHARE the Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation’s Ministries with someone.

  5. DVD/CD The Klaudts are getting many requests to release a DVD/CD combo of their past songs. Needless to say, with all the commitments we have to our present ministries, these funds are not available for this project at this time. If you are interested, you can donate to this fund, and when the Combo is released, you will receive the first copies, plus, there will be an insert sheet within the combo naming you as a donor to the project.                               Please consider this.

Address: KIMF, Melvin Klaudt, Administrator P.O. Box 490727 Lawrenceville, GA 30049.