Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation


To more effectively minister through our TV Ministry, "Just Keep Singing", The foundation needs to upgrade our Computer. This is of upmost necessity at this time. As many of you know on our TV Programs, we do not ask for money, nor do we market any product of any kind. We want it to be a pure ministry of Biblical Word and Song.
No donation is too small and all donations are Tax Deductible. Consider this:
Melvin Klaudt, Administrator 
PO Box 490727
Lawrenceville, GA 30049

Prayer is of a necessity. Do you know that over 200 Native American reservations have no Christian Influence present on their reservations?

This in a country that sends millions of dollars around the world to Christianize other nations. Now, we have no problem with this, but let's not forget our own back yard with the precious message of Christ.
There are two Indian families that are pushing forward to see that this changes. The Klaudt Indian Family and the Antone Indian Family out of Oklahoma.
Please, if your church or organization is looking for a project, get in touch with us or the Antone's.
 The Foundation is getting many requests to put together a double pack DVD/CD Combo of the Klaudt Family's songs of the past. Needless to say, the Foundation does not have the resources available to accomplish this. We are asking for donations to accomplish this. With the release of the DVD/CD will be a sheet naming you as a donor and you will receive the first combo pack when it is released. Please consider this.