June 5th, 2019
My 86th Birthday 
Isn't God Good? 
Melvin "chief " Klaudt
Melvin is the Great-Great Grandson of Chief Sitting Bull. He was born in 1933 on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in Northwest North Dakota. When he was born, the doctors at the Government Hospital in Elbowoods, ND said he would not live to be one  year old. The Indians would not believe this and laying hands on him he was healed. He is now in his middle eighties and more involved in the work of the Lord than ever.
He began singing with the Klaudt Indian Family at age 13. After the Klaudt Family retired from singing in 1982, Melvin phased his efforts into commercial ventures such as, insurance, construction and real estate. He closed his business interests down when the Klaudt Siblings established The Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation.
He is the Administrator of the Foundation and it is in its 15th year of life. During this time the Foundation has issued scholarships and assisted students to Lee University, Cleveland Tennessee; the University of Georgia, Athens Georgia;  the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans Louisiana. The Foundation has assisted students to SGM Music Schools in Georgia, Texas and Tennessee.
Melvin is producer and host of a weekly television ministry, "Just Keep Singing", that has been viewed in 169 countries around the world. According to some SGM Historians, it is one of the longest running SGM TV Programs on record. It began on 10-10-10 and has produced over 250 programs. Melvin is a Published Author. Besides his work with the Foundation, he assists other ministries in fundraising for their ministries.
Melvin has a unique speaking style. His speaking engagements are filled with  practical Biblical Principles. His topics, of speaking, are geared to the occasion. Melvin's  diversification of background experience lends to salvation experiences, spiritual growth, marriage, hospital visitation, funerals, weddings, Indian history and his personal dealing with grief. He also enjoys singing the old songs of Zion in his speaking engagements. Consider Melvin at one of your future functions
Melvin is the father of a son, a daughter that passed away with cancer, and is married to the same woman for over 66 years, Margie. He has won many "awards" over the years in education, music, insurance, construction, real estate but his only real interest is in getting his final "reward", "Well done thou good and faithful servant." 
Melvin Klaudt
P.O. Box 490727
Lawrenceville GA 30049
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