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Native American Lineage


American Indians, although they are a race of peoples, are more of a legal entity than a race. You can not claim to be an Indian unless you are registered with a Federally Recognized Tribe or Band of Indians. You can be a full-blooded Indian from a recognized tribe but if you are not registered with that tribe and given a registration number, you legally cannot say you are an American Indian until you are registered. Registration is verified through the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs.

We are the only race of people that are aked the question, how much Indian are you? As we know, no other race of peoples are asked the question, how much African-American are you? Or how much Caucasion are you?, etc.

The Klaudt Children are 1/2 Arikara Indian, registered on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, North Dakota and 1/2 German.

We are the children of the Little Soldier Clan/Family and the Gottltieb Klaudt Family.

We descend from:

  • “Returns Again”
  • “Jumping Bull” (son of Returns Again)
  • “Chief Sitting Bull” (son of Jumping Bull) Chief Sitting Bull’s wife was Four Robes.
  • “Custer Scout Little Soldier” (son of Chief Sitting Bull) Little Soldier’s wife was Sweet Grass Woman
  • “Clarence, Little Soldier” (son of Custer Scout) Clarence Little Soldier’s wife was Willena Young Bear  Perkins
  • “Lillian, Little Soldier,” our mother (daughter of Clarence)


"Chief Sitting Bull," the father of "Custer Scout," Little Soldier. Chief Sitting Bull had 5 wives, Light Hair, Snow On Her Hair, Scarlet Woman, Four Robes, and Seen By Her Nation. Four Robes and Seen By Her Nation were sisters.
"Custer Scout," Little Solider the father of Clarence Little Solder. Custer Scout, Little Soldier was married to Sweet Grass Woman.

Lillian's mother and father, Clarence and Willena Little Soldier with Lillian, our mother, sitting on her mother's lap.
Lillian "Little Soldier" Klaudt and husband, Rev. R. H. Klaudt and parents of Vernon, Ramona, Melvin, Raymond and Kenneth.

Dad Klaudt was called into the ministry in his early teens. He was raised on a farm on the edge of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota. In the Klaudt Family was 9 brothers and 5 sisters. When he was called into the ministry, and began to preach, his father told him to either continue to work on the farm or leave. Dad Klaudt, a full blood German, left the Klaudt farm and moved onto the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and was raised in his early teen years by the Arikara, Mandan and Hidatsa Indians. This is where he spent his early ministry among the Indians. Needless to say, Lillian Little Soldier and Dad Klaudt passed each other many times doing ministry on the reservation. It was only natural that they join forces in Holy Matrimony on September 13, 1929.

The Klaudt Children

Kenneth and Sonja Klaudt 

Vernon and Betty Klaudt

 Ramona and Charles Carpenter

Melvin and Margie Klaudt

Raymond and Connie Klaudt