Please Read and Consider Before Scrolling Down to the Projects

posted 7/19/16 
Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation Fundraiser 
We, as a Family Foundation, have assisted many projects over the past 10-12 years financially helping students through our Scholarship program,  involving our time and money in Fundraising projects such as the SGMA Hall Of Fame, funerals & weddings. We have done this without fanfare because of a burden we have in carrying the message of Christ to a spiritually troubled world.
We have thousands of individuals that watch our TV Ministry, "Just Keep Singing". And as you know, we do not ask for money, nor do we market product on our TV Program. We want you the listeners to enjoy and be ministered to in a pure Biblical and Music Ministry. 
However, in sharing this, we now as a ministry have a financial need.  Our computer system that is the key to our TV Ministry is outdated and needs to be upgraded. We are asking, you our viewers and friends, to consider donating to this upgrade. No donation is too small.
Margie and I have been picking up much of the additional costs as Administrators of the Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation. But now approaching our mid eighties, we are having to slow down our financial participation because of age and health issues.
So, if  "Just Keep Singing" or the Klaudt Indian Memorial Foundation is a blessing to you , prayerfully consider in assisting us. All donations are tax deductible:
Just Keep Singing 
PO Box 490727
Lawrenceville, GA 30049
Thanks to the ones that have assisted us, but we are far from reaching our goal.
September 22, 2016 
On September 22nd, I will be hosting a 1 & 1/2 hour Singing School and Convention Special  on WATC TV 57 Atlanta from 7:00 to 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. We will have a choir consisting of children as young as 7 and adults in their senior years. There will be song directors as young as 7 and 8 years old. It is going to be an exciting and enjoyable time. Assisting us will be Crandall Woodson, President of the State of Georgia Singing Convention, Stephen Butler, President of the North Georgia School of Music, several members of local churches, such as Joel Singleton, Cameron Holloway, pianist Nancy Vaughn. Several Singing Conventions from out of the State of Georgia will be participating along with national song writers.
 Please be watching for more information in reference to this event.
 July 7th SGMA Hall of Fame & Museum
You do not want to miss this, Mark your calendar, come and bring a friend. Come and learn/understand why it is important to keep the History of SGM at the forefront of those that love Southern Gospel Music. It is not only a Genre of music but also a valid ministry for the message of Christ.
No Tickets required, but an offering will be taken, and all proceeds will go to the SGMA Hall of Fame 
The award wining duet, "THE BRIDGEMANS". They are the 2012 Southeastern Duet of the year. "The Light of Atlanta" named them "Top Duet" of 2015.
The Internationally renowned "NELONS", 3 Grammy Nominations, 6 GMA Doves, 2016 GMA Hall of Fame Inductees will also be appearing. 
 Melvin Klaudt will be the Host Emcee. Melvin is the Host and Producer of "Just Keep Singing" a Gospel Singing Program viewed in 169 countries around the world, that has used the song style of over 115 different SGM Groups . Melvin will be singing 2-3 songs.